You are a high-achiever in your field. You wish to improve your effectiveness and enhance the way you relate to others. You are interested in creating change by exploring and activating your creative potential. You are interested in driving momentum, not just to set things in motion but to effect sustainable change.

Do you wish to have more clarity and joy in your business and in life?

Do you wish to enhance your effectiveness with easy tools?

Do you wish to broaden your horizons and discover your possibilities beyond that?

I will help you to find what has always been there within yourself, but you were not yet aware of. You will learn how your newly recognised abilities work together optimally. This will significantly strengthen your effectiveness. Your self-competence makes the essential difference and leads to sustainable business success.

As a business coach, I enthusiastically accompany women and men who want to live their calling and develop their full power.

Have you achieved a lot and still feel that more is possible?

Do you feel trapped in your job? unhappy?

Do you lack clarity for your next step?

Is your team not pulling in the same direction as you?

As an enthusiastic sailor, I know what skillful navigation, optimal knowledge of one’s own abilities and good human interaction can achieve.

Lighten the anchor and release your full potential.
Shape your future with ease and full of vitality!


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