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Child Bullying

Child Bullying Does it seem as if child bullying has become a worse problem that it used to be? These are strange times to grow up, but they can be wonderful, too. Life coach Nancy Sungyun offers great advice about parenting in this modern world. Order her book, Teach Them How To Fish, at Amazon.

How dangerous is child bullying? It can be very dangerous, actually. There is a difference between good natured teasing and bully behavior. Statistics show that most kids witness some sort of child bullying at their school in any given week. Quite often, it's the same kid or kids who are tormented and abused and sometimes even extorted by bigger, older or simply meaner children. Even if your child is not being subjected to bully behaviour right now does not promise that he or she won't be, sometime in the future. We hope it never happens, but, if your kid is bullied, he or she will be better equipped to handle the situation in a careful and reasonable manner, if you buy Teach Them How to Fish and put the teachings of Nancy Sungyun into action now. Nancy teaches you how to teach you children about child bullying and other topics that are of crucial importance to today's 21st century families.

Life coaching expert Nancy Sungyun offers excellent, reliable advice about parenting in this modern 21st century world. It's never been super easy to be a parent, or a kid, for that matter. Skills and tools that improve a child's self esteem are surely of benefit. Be the best parent you can be and raise you child to become a happy teenager and well adjusted, healthy minded, independent adult with the teachings of Teach Them How to Fish. The 21st century comes with new challenges that we never had to face when we were kids. Life coach Nancy Sungyun offers great advice about parenting in this modern world.

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